What Can I Expect?

Visiting a new church can be intimidating. We want to make your first visit a great experience!

What should I wear? The majority of our church wears business casual, but we don't have requirements or expectations!

What kind of songs do we sing? We sing a mix of timeless hymns, Psalms, and modern praise songs. Songs are carefully selected for singability, theological precision and depth, and heart-stirring melodies.

How long does the meeting last? The Sunday Worship meeting is usually ~1 hr 15 min, in which we sing songs of praise to our God, observe the Lord's Table, and hear ~35 min of teaching from God's Word.

What about my kids? When it comes to the worship meeting, we believe that it is best for children to remain with their parents during the whole meeting, including the sermon. Children are more capable than we often realize to grasp large concepts, and what could be better for them than to sit under the preached Word of God? If you want more information about why we take this approach, consider reading this article from Desiring God.

Can I watch a Livestream? Yes, a livestream is available on our YouTube channel.

Meeting Times


  • Scripture-Guided Prayer: 9:30am
  • Morning Worship Meeting: 10:30am


  • Midweek Bible Study. 6:30-7:30pm.