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Staff Pastor

Kenn Chipchase

Pastor Kenn is the founding pastor of Pillar. He previously served as associate pastor at Jeffersontown Bible Church in Jeffersontown KY. He is married to Lizzy and they have three children. Kenn is passionate about connecting rich theology to everyday living and enjoys seeing people grow in their faith and walk with Christ. In his spare time, he enjoys chess, all things baseball (go Cubs!), and spending time with his family. He is one of the hosts of the Do Theology podcast and you can read his personal blog at kennchipchase.com.

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Plurality of Elders

We believe the most biblically faithful leadership structure in a local church is for a church to be led by a plurality of elders. Elders are one of God's gifts to the church, and one of the key roles of the existing leadership is to identify and train the leaders that God has given to that local church. Though we currently do not have a plurality of elders due to our size and stage of development, we are actively working toward the goal of appointing elders as the Scriptures instruct.

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Until such a time when there are additional qualified men to serve as elders, Pillar has the benefit of a Pastoral Advisory and Counsel Team (PACT) which serves to assist Pastor Kenn as he provides leadership to Pillar Fellowship. The PACT members bring decades of pastoral and church planting experience to the table and are overseen by Midwest Church Extension's Executive Director, Henry Vosburgh.

CONTACT HENRY VOSBURGH (Executive Director, MCE; PACT Chair)